About Youth Effectiveness Training


I Adore Teaching Teens

Y.E.T. is a communication skills course that can make a profound difference in relationships for teens 12-18. While academic achievement may open doors to university or employment, social skills and emotional awareness are often what help individuals thrive.

Participants learn skills like:

Confrontation -- Kids learn to assert themselves in a way that reduces the chance that others will get defensive; to effectively deal with resistance; and to reassert to get heard.

Active Listening -- Teens are guided through multiple scenarios so they can hone this important skill of responding so others feel understood.

Problem-Solving -- The Y.E.T. method works because of the underlying belief that people only act to fulfill valid needs. Participants practice how to make sure everyone wins while resolving a conflict.

Honestly, this workshop helped me understand how to communicate and moreover why it’s important to overall happiness. Y.E.T. has made my relationship with my girlfriend infinitely better. I went into Y.E.T. with a bit of skepticism; however, after finishing the course, I realize that I learned many tools that contribute directly to my current life.
— 18 year old student at Chinese International School

Y.E.T. Makes Sense Even in Busy Hong Kong

The 21 hour Y.E.T. course is worth the investment of time if you consider how much energy is spent when a teen:

  • Worries about a friend’s silent treatment

  • Argues over the same issue with a parent

  • Feels nervous about asking a teacher for his (already late) recommendation

  • Complains that one of her group members is not pulling her weight on a school project

Y.E.T. participants learn how to approach these and many more problems in ways that bring about the desired change while maintaining smooth relationships.

Y.E.T. was very enjoyable and worth my time. Loved meeting new people and improving my conflict resolution skills. The course helps me communicate better in tight situations and will help especially in the years to come.
— 17 year old student at Hong Kong International School
I have learnt a lot and Y.E.T. will help me for the rest of my life. It has already improved my relationship with my parents. I think it was a great experience.
— 16 year old student at Chinese International School

How Y.E.T. Is Taught

As a certified instructor, I facilitate the standardized course developed by three-time, Nobel Peace Prize nominee Thomas Gordon.

Y.E.T. is relevant, interactive, utterly practical and fun. Kids improve self-awareness through reflection and games. They practice skills through role-playing in pairs and small groups. They improve their ability to identify and express emotions without acting on them (this is the emotional self-regulation we all strive for!).

Participants are each given a skill book. Other learning tools include card decks (including needs, feelings and achievements); role-playing guides; ears and lips props for listening exercises; and music and video clips.

The skill book was helpful for visualization and activities. Y.E.T. improved preventing and resolving conflicts and REALLY applied to my relationships at school, especially with friends. I appreciated the wonderful teaching style and the ways new concepts were introduced were really creative.
— 13 year old student at Hong Kong International School
Y.E.T. was very interesting as we don’t learn this at school. The role plays were very fun and made me want to do more. Mrs. Banson made sure we were enjoying the lesson and stayed focused.
— 14 year old student at Chinese International School

Course Specifics

There are 14 sessions, 90 minutes each. (Total hours: 21)

Y.E.T. is for youth ages 13-18. Classes hold a maximum number of 15 participants (minimum 10).

The cost of the course is 3800 HKD. The second sibling is 10% off (3420 HKD); the third is 20% off (3040 HKD).

Requirement: Parents of participants must be graduates of P.E.T. Y.E.T. is most successful when teens are supported at home and when parents understand the nature of the work that’s being done.

Upcoming Course — TBD

To find out more about Youth Effectiveness Training, visit the Gordon Training International website's Y.E.T. page!