EFT for Schools/Students

EFT for School Leadership

Schools can use EFT to help the administration, educators and support staff meet school mission goals.

Supporting educators contributes to learning outcomes. When teachers learn EFT for themselves and as a classroom management tool, they can strengthen student-teacher relationships and reduce feelings of burnout.

For instance, teachers can tap with their students to calm the classroom environment after recess or before community sharing or a heavily weighted assessment.

Adopting EFT as a wellness tool to be shared widely is cost- and time-effective. Since EFT can be taught quickly to groups, it will ease the burden on counseling staff who are then freed to work with students and families who need more attention. Sharing the skill in parent workshops is a powerful way to bolster family well-being and foster smoother relationships at home.

Here is a link to five papers on EFT’s benefits for secondary, university and graduate students.

EFT for Students

EFT is a self-applied stress management tool that can help students with:

  • fear of failure

  • perfectionism

  • procrastination

  • anxiety

  • eating disorders

  • memory

  • insomnia

  • exam-taking

  • peer pressure

  • family conflicts

  • sports performance

  • depression

Course for Teens 15+ This September 2019

Setting and achieving goals at this time in their lives can be stressful and time is scarce! In two 90 minute sessions, teens will learn and practice this skill and save many hours otherwise spent worrying, feeling upset or procrastinating on school work.

I am excited to be pairing with Falguni Mather (Counsellor and Accredited EFT practitioner at The Body Group). We will keep the group capped at eight to ensure each participant gets ample time and practice.


Dates & Times: Wed 25th & Fri 27th September, 2019 -- 5:30-7pm. Zoom Follow-up -- one 45 min session will be scheduled in October/ November for ongoing support.

Location: The Body Group, 14/F Prosperous Building, 48-52 Des Voeux Road, Central, HK. Phone: 2167 7305.

Fee: 1380 HKD. Reservations taken first come, first served with full payment to HSBC 608 216651 888 by 11 September 2019 (please email or Whatsapp the receipt so we may attribute it to you). Minimum four participants to proceed.