“This course was so useful to me.  I had so many ‘A-ha!’ moments.  I never realized that I put up roadblocks and shut down my kids’ expression and labeled their behavior all the time.  I am resolved going forward to stop “ruling by threatening” and start active listening to change my parenting paradigm.”

– Mother of three (ages 6, 4, 2)


“[This course teaches] mind-blowing, sensible skills to help you communicate and interact as a family with respect and peace.  I have read many, many parenting books – this makes the most sense, provides real skills and asks a lot of the parents in a good way (there is no quick fix for personal growth).”

– Mother of three (ages 12, 9, 5)


“I had no idea what to expect but as I put the skills to use I felt very gratified to see their effectiveness.  The successes reinforce a desire to learn more.  At the end, I was sorry there were no more classes.”

– Father of three (ages 11, 8, 8)


“This should revolutionize how I parent and even interact with others.  Catherine is very warm and enormously conscientious, concerned and involved.” 

– Father of two (ages 14 & 11)


“Catherine is a really passionate teacher.  Moreover, the fact that she is a mother herself who managed to successfully apply P.E.T. skills makes her so much more credible.  She created a very intimate and friendly atmosphere.” 

– Mother of five (ages 17 to 1)