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Parenting is HARD

It's a lot to expect that parents will naturally know how to deal with tantrums, siblings fighting or a teen who just won't talk.

After nine hard years of struggle, I finally found a roadmap in the brilliant “Behavior Window” and I still MARVEL at the transformation in our family. Now a certified instructor, I share how you too might use these communication tools to deepen awareness and develop greater mutuality and closeness with your kids.

Instead of doing or saying things you regret, take Parent Effectiveness Training and learn to love life at home. Read more... 

P.E.T. Vitamins Blog!

Whether you’ve taken the Parent Effectiveness Training course or have not even read the book, you can benefit from seeing these skills applied to the here and now of real life parenting!

Read what P.E.T. Instructors from around the world and others have to say!

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Since 2013, over 70 teens have committed suicide in Hong Kong. In conjunction with Gordon Parenting, I am offering free Active Listening workshops to any school, church, youth group, community organization, NGO, alumni association - you name it! (Minimum 10 people.) Let's come together to work on our skills to help the next generation.

Next courses:

PET — future courses TBD. My colleagues are offering many - check them out here!

Sign up now and you will:

  • learn a framework and skills that you can fall back on in high stress moments

  • become closer to your children (they will want to be around you and you will want to be around them!)

  • raise kids who are honest and act out of consideration for others

  • model skills for your children that will improve every relationship they ever have

I am thankful for these two endorsements!

We love sharing Catherine’s Blog ‘P.E.T. Vitamins’ on our website as well as on our social networks—her personal stories about how she utilizes the P.E.T. skills in her life are inspiring and very helpful to our readers. Her writing is rich, captivating and full of passion.
— Michelle Adams, VP, Gordon Training Int'l., Solana Beach, CA, USA
Catherine Banson’s ‘P.E.T. Vitamins’ blog does what it says. Parents reading it are invigorated, inspired, skilled-up, and above all given hope that happy, harmonious and effective parenting is possible. Catherine bravely shares her current real life parenting stories, her challenges, reflections and turn arounds in witty, insightful and easy to read style.

Catherine’s goal is not to patronise nor make parents feel guilty, instead she practically shows how she has introduced to her family Parent Effectiveness Training, a time tested skill-based methodology of effective communication tools that produces loving, close relationships. With 35 years of experience in this method and as an Instructor trainer to Catherine I can vouch for her expertise, passion and sincere desire to support other parents in their parenting journey. Bravo Catherine for ‘P.E.T. Vitamins’. Effectiveness Training Institute of Australia (ETIA Ltd) wholeheartedly endorses your work.
— Kathryn Tonges B.Ed.St., Dip T, ACC(ICF) SEO ETIA Qld

P.E.T. Vitamins Blog

Read for yourself how the skills help with real-life hectic & hard moments!